Hamzeh Alsalhi Developer

Hamzeh works as a software developer at a young startup, he is excited for the future of VR and enjoys making video games as a hobby

Roman Rekhler Developer

Who am I. I am physics, I am magnets, I am the Aurora Borealis. Ok, maybe not the last one cause it's too cool. I studied Engineering and Physics at Cooper Union and have been a coder my whole life. I have played tennis, racquetball, and ping pong for many years (and that's just counting racket sports). I wanted to try my hand at VR coding and started working on a ping pong game. Many months later, here we are.

Oscar Vazquez Developer

Oscar works as an instructor at the Coding Dojo. He is developing the curriculum for a VR course and figured the best way to come up with material is to get his hands dirty.


For Fun Labs, LLC

New York City